Frequently asked questions

What insurance do I need as a student? Can I cook at the boarding school? 

These and many other questions are answered on this page. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Application Process and Admission Requirements

How can I apply for the IB Diploma Programme? 

Our application process is completely online via Open Apply. For applying just klick here:


How can I pay the school fees?

You can decide either to pay the full amount in advance (recommended for students who need a visa), annually, bi-annually, quarterly or monthly (European bank account is necessary, not available for students who need a visa)


When did I receive the invoice? 

As soon as you have finished all Checklist Items in Open Apply.


How old should a student be to participate the IB Diploma Programme/Prep Class?

The IB DP is for students aged between 16 and 19. The Prep Class is for students aged between 14 and 16. Exceptions are possible if students arrive late or their level of English is not good enough to start DP1.

Which level of English is required? 

You have to speak fluently if you want to participate in the Diploma Programme (B2/C1). For the Prep Class you need a B1/B2 level.


Is it possible to change from the IB Programme to another school type? 

For students who don’t need a visa it is possible under certain circumstances. 

For students who need a visa not. They cannot start a vocational training or another school program. The visa is linked to the IB program. If not continuing it, they will have to leave the country.


Is it possible to apply, if the parents aren’t in Germany? 

Yes, it is. In this case the student either have to live at the boarding school or with a legal guardian. 


Is it possible to apply/start after the official school start?

Yes, it is. Just apply normaly via Open Apply and schedule a meeting with our Head of International Programmes Dr. Elke Heinicke. 

About the school and Boarding school

What kind of food do you offer?

We offer typical German food. Vegetarian/vegan options are available. A hot meal is available for lunch at school. For boarding school students the costs for the food is included. 


What kind of insurances do students need? 

We recommend a MAWISTA student insurance for visa issues.

After arriving in Germany this will be canceled and converted into a German statuary insurance for having a better medical cover and less paperwork. In addition, all medical expenses deemed necessary by the doctor are covered without exclusion (except glasses and extensive dental work such as artificial teeth, and such).

Students will receive a card which they simply present at the doctor's and that is it, no money needed.

Cost amounts to around 90 euros per month. In addition, we expect a private liability 

insurance which amounts to 60 euro per year.


Do boys and girls living separated?

Yes, boys and girls are each accommodated in a separate wing of our building.

Is it possible to stay in the Boarding House during the breaks? 

The boarding school is open throughout breaks. It is only closed over the Christmas break and in August. When the boarding school is closed our students travel home or get support to find a homestay, but additional costs related to this.

Is it possible to cook in the boarding house?

Yes, there is a kitchen on each floor. But cooking is possible only at weekends when agreed with boarding school teacher before.

Do I need to buy a school uniform?

No, we don’t have a school uniform at our school. But if you like, you are free to buy something from our school clothes collection

What is the size of Middle and High school (number of students)?

Classes capped at 20, mostly smaller.


Do I have to pay a deposit for the room? 

Yes, you pay 5,000 € deposit for the boarding school. You will get this money back after the program, provided that the student causes no damages to the room or building. The money can be used to fly students out in cases of emergency, e.g. health issues. It is accepted for visa issues.

What does their 10th Grade math course(s) look like?  

We follow the IB curriculum for MYP.

What science are you offering in the 10th grade?  

As typical in IB MYP we teach Science as a subject with changing focus on Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students study them all 3 plus learn methods used in all sciences

Is Spanish available?  

No Spanish in this programme. We teach it in other programmes on campus.

We teach English LanguageLiterature und focus on German as a foreign language

Does HPC have a service component at the school?
Yes, we are very active in this part. Students choose from different clubs.

How does HPC provide transcripts for his experience at the school? 

Yes, there is a detailed school report with transcript after each semester.


How do they welcome/onboard new students?  Do they have an advisory program?  Assemblies?  Other social events?

We have a welcome week at the start of each academic year and older students are buddies for those who are new to the school.


Is it possible to leave/terminate the boarding school contract and live independently when turning 18?

No, students cannot leave the boarding school when turning 18 if we base the visa on the boarding school. Laws are very clear here.


Where can I study with the IB Diploma? 

You can study at any university in the world as well as in Germany. You find the regulations for German universities in OpenApply.


What kind of devices do I need in class?

You have to bring your own laptop, calculator and smartphone. It doesn’t matter what kind/brand it is. Please talk to the Math teacher about calculator details.


When are the exams?

The exams for the Diploma Programme are in May. 

When are the holidays? 

You will get a detailed plan of the holidays every year. It is available in OpenApply after you will have completed the application.

If you have further questions, e.g. about the IB® philosophy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

[Dr. Elke Heinicke, Head of HPC International School]

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