Learner Profile

At HPC International School we implement the Learner Profile of the International Baccalaureate Organisation. The aim is to educate internationally oriented people who recognise their common humanity and take responsibility for themselves and our planet, thus creating a better and more peaceful world.

Students strive to be researchers, thinkers and communicators.


Inquirer – Fun with research

Our students become researching learners who ask meaningful questions and find answers through effective and scientific research methods and the use of multimedia tools and sources. In doing so, they use, among other things, the school library, the science laboratories of our school and off-campus learning facilities such as the city library.


Knowledgeable - acquisition of specialist knowledge

A wide range of subjects at Standard Level and Higher Level in combination with the core subjects (Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge and Creativity-Activity-Service) offers our students* the best possible preparation for university studies and lays the foundation for lifelong learning.

Thinker – Ability to think critically

Our students* not only acquire a broad spectrum of knowledge from various disciplines, but are also supported in holistic educational and learning processes to link new knowledge with familiar knowledge, to question and apply it.

Communicator – Strengthening communication and cooperation skills

Our students successfully participate in communication processes, are able to express their own ideas both orally and in writing, listen to each other and are able to communicate in a targeted and appropriate manner.

Principled – strength of character and orientation towards values and norms

Our students stand up for their views and beliefs, take responsibility for their actions and learning, and respectfully adhere to our Academic Honesty Policy.


Our students* are open-minded people who appreciate and appreciate the diversity at our school. Their aim is to learn from and with each other despite different countries of origin, mother tongues, cultural backgrounds, skills and world views.


Caring – solidarity and social commitment

Our students* show interest in world affairs. They recognise the different needs within the school community and beyond and try to respond to them.

Risk-Taker – Courage to attempt new things and face challenges

Our students* have the courage to consider new ideas and take on  challenges. We encourage our students to leave their comfort zone as often as possible and take steps in a new direction. This is supported by a safe and open learning environment where such ventures are possible.


Balanced – A balanced lifestyle

Our students strive for a healthy lifestyle. The IB® Diploma Programme is challenging and we actively support our students in finding a balance between exertion and relaxation.

Reflective – Ability to self-reflect

Our students recognise their strengths and weaknesses, reflect on their successes and mistakes and always work to develop themselves further.

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