Mission Statement

We belong to our school family

Our students are part of our strong and international classroom community and are actively involved in social learning, initiated and based on the values mentioned in the IB mission statement: A focus on internationality and the IB Learner Profile. The different school programmes offer different ways to participate in school life.

In the spirit of a family of equals, our school encourages principled, open-minded, cooperative and caring social interaction, which also enables and encourages open communication based on mutual understanding and respect. All branches of the school are equal members of our school family, including our IB programmes and all other school types of the F+U Group. In general, every student, parent, guardian and employee (teacher*, secretar*, facility manager, etc.) is part of this family.


In addition to our local school family, we all see ourselves as active, responsible members of the global IB community.  We apply our vision of what it means to be a member of our HPC school family to all interactions with other members of the global IB community.

We engage globally

All members of our school family actively live the spirit of internationalism and share their views, perspectives and understanding of issues of global importance. Our students* with their international mindset and their reflective, open-minded, caring and principled attitude, participate in age-appropriate activities in local contexts that have global significance. In this vein, they participate in school-specific activities, projects and initiatives begun either by the students themselves or by other members of our school family.  These experiences involve dealing with issues, questions or events that have an impact on a global scale. We are also involved globally as members of the IB community at-large.

We grow for the future

All members of our school family, including teachers, parents and all staff, actively strive to support our students in their individual development for the future. Our students grow at different levels for the future. In terms of the IB Learner Profile, they grow at personal, social, methodological and academic levels and develop into harmonious, responsible, independent thinking and reflective citizens. Furthermore, at the end of their learning journey at our school, our students* complete the IB Diploma Programme and receive the IB Diploma, which enables them to study at universities worldwide. In addition to our students, all members of our school family see themselves as lifelong learners who continuously work on an open-minded, reflective attitude that allows them to critically and reflectively evaluate thoughts, behaviour and actions.

We are making a difference in our local context, which has an impact on the global future.

You can also download our Mission Statement (pdf).

Our school duringthe pandemic period

We continue to offer all our programmes and support our students* to ensure that they receive the best possible education.

We have a well-established digital learning strategy.

We have established a system for distance learning in case of school closure, which has received consistently positive feedback from students, parents and teachers.

We are able to react quickly and accurately to changes. Even if we only return to the classrooms in small groups, we can involve students with health problems by using digital equipment, enabling them to stay in their safe home environment.

Students who cannot travel are still able to participate in our programmes for as long as necessary, using digital equipment and receiving regular feedback from teachers.

Even when the schools are closed, we continue the extracurricular activities online (e.g. the clubs of our school or the daily online training for learning German with our librarian).

Even during school closure, we work hard to ensure that every single student is a member of our school family.

We continue the online counselling and focus on the personal contact of each teacher and administrative staff member with students and families.

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