IB Diploma in Germany

The International Baccalaureate® Diploma Programme at HPC International School lays the foundation for study at the world's most renowned universities and colleges.

The IB® Diploma Programme has been recognised by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany as equivalent to the German Abitur. Successful completion of our selection of subjects covers all requirements for the recognition of the IB® DP at German universities.

In order to obtain the International Baccalaureate, students have to take six subjects, three of them at advanced and three at regular level. All subjects are taught in English.

Choosing your subjects

You will choose your subjects by submitting your subject choice during the application process using our Subject Choice - version September 21. This document also shows you which subjects you can combine as the combinations are limited. During our welcome week at the beginning of the academic year, your subject choice will be finalized.

We highly recommend that you choose your subjects according to your interest, but also take into account university requirements or specific requirements of the country you want to study in. Of course, we will support you with your subject and level choice and if you have any individual questions, please contact our career counselling service. 

Subjects offered in the IB® Diploma Programme

Subject group 1

English language and literature, German language and literature (20 students max.)

Subject group 2

German and English as foreign languages (20 students max.)

Subject group 3

History and Psychology (20 students max.)

If a subject's limit is reached, a new applicant cannot choose the subject anymore and will be placed on a waiting list. We fill up the places in the subjects according to the order of applications, so we highly recomment to complete your application process as early as possible to ensure that you can choose all your subjects according to your plans

Subject group 4

Biology, Chemistry and Physics (20 students max.)

Subject group 5

Mathematics: Applications and interpretations

Subject group 6

Film (or another subject from group 4) (18 students max.)


Please ask us for fee reductions if your family cannot afford the full course fees. Contact: ibdp.hd@fuu.de


The IB® DP consists of 3 core components, which enable the best possible preparation for studies and lifelong learning.

  • Research paper (Extended essay)
  • Theory of knowledge
  • Creativity - Activity - Engagement (Creativity - Activity - Service)

Research work

The planning and writing of the extended essay in a subject of their choice prepares students for writing academic papers and for academic work at the university.

Theory of knowledge

In the TOK lessons and beyond, pupils learn how to ask and answer questions about knowledge and learning. This is not just about acquiring knowledge, but about critical thinking and the question: How do we know what we know?

Creativity Activity Commitment (CAS)

CAS consists of three elements:

Creativity: The focus is on creative thinking and finding new and artistic solutions.

Activity: Includes all forms of sporting activity and a healthy lifestyle.

Commitment: This emphasises the aspect of voluntary and unpaid work for and together with others. The students* experience their actions as meaningful for others. They develop their ability to work in a team and test leadership skills.

A CAS project combines all these three elements. For example, a dance project could be developed that is practised with a primary school class and performed for older people in the neighbourhood. In their CAS project, pupils pursue their individual interests and bring their strengths to the project.

Career Counselling

Part of our program is an intensive career counselling course starting in September of DP1. We support all our students with applications at universities worldwide.


The IB® Diploma Programme is open to all students who meet the following requirements:

General requirements

  • Proof that the pupils* have successfully completed the intermediate school with at least ten years of training.
  • Letter of motivation in which they demonstrate their commitment to the philosophy of the IB®.


Personal requirements

  • Interest in global issues: To demonstrate their general knowledge of political, cultural and social issues, each candidate is interviewed in a personal interview via Skype or telephone.
  • Students* who have started the IB® Diploma Programme at other IB® schools will be admitted to our school, provided that the subjects they studied at their previous school are currently on offer.


Language requirements

According to our language policy, the following language requirements must be met in order to be accepted into the first year of the IB® Diploma Programme:

Applicants are expected to have a very good command of English. The school can offer an intensive language training programme before the start of the first year (in cooperation with the Academy of Languages). Knowledge of German before the start of the programme is not required, but pupils* without knowledge of German take German as a foreign language in subject group 2.

Examination regulations

Our students* take different exams and examination forms in the various subjects throughout the programme. Some of these exams are assessed internally by our teachers and others externally. All results contribute to the final grade.


At the end of each semester, both students and parents receive a detailed report on the individual learning achievements. In all six subjects, learners take a final exam in May of the second year, which is externally assessed. Our teachers prepare the students in the best possible way for these final exams

School Fees

School fees

Tuition fees for the 2-year IB Diploma Programme:

33,600.00 EUR (24 x 1,400 EUR)

Tuition and accommodation fees for the 2-year IB Diploma Programme and the boarding school:

81,600.00 EUR (24 x 3,400 EUR)

Other IB examination fees

You are welcome to download the PDF list with further IB examination fees.

On request, the fees can be paid annually, monthly, per semester, per quarter.

The full course and accommodation fees must be paid in DP2 by 15 April. If the total fees are not paid by this date, the student will not be admitted to the final IB exams.

Application and registration via Open Apply

In order to make the application process effective, we do not use a written application but use the electronic applicant management software "Open Apply". As a matter of course, your data will be treated with the utmost care and in compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Contact and apply

If you have further questions, e.g. about the IB® philosophy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

[Dr. Elke Heinicke, Head of HPC International School]

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